What Are Rod Ends and How Are They Used?

Posted on September 28, 2022

Rod ends consist of an eye-shaped head with an integral shank that serves as housing for a spherical plain bearing, or bushing. They are utilized in linkage applications where a bearing must support a significant misalignment. Rod ends are typically used in the automotive and aerospace industries, but they are also present in a wide range of industrial machinery.

In addition to providing high-quality rod ends, Emerson Bearing also serves the bearing requirements of global and domestic clients. At Emerson Bearing, we are aware that every customer has different needs when it comes to bearings, rod ends and spherical bushings. Whatever type of project you're working on, our experts can assist you in locating the ideal solution.

What are Rod Ends?

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A rod end is a joint that allows for some rotational freedom about all three axes while maintaining a fixed point of contact between two parts. Rod ends are used to join the ends of steering links, control rods, and other mechanically controlled tie rods. Since the center of rotation of a rod end is on the axis of both connected shafts, it offers reliable point-to-point contact.Many advanced industrial systems require high-precision articulation joints as essential components. These joints are used in a variety of applications, including robotic arms, textile equipment, and automobile steering linkages, among others. These joints are perfect for circumstances where rotary motion necessitates changes in the rotation axis because they have the capacity to accommodate any kind of misalignment. Since joint systems are utilized worldwide, the rod ends used in them come in metric and inch styles.

What’s the Difference Between Male vs. Female Rod End Bearings?

The threading on a rod end is what determines its classification as either male or female. Rod ends with external threading are male configurations while rod ends with internal threading have a female configuration.Female rod end bearings are often used in unique applications due to their ability to fine-tune the placement of components. Female rod end bearings, for example, are frequently used in helicopters to precisely adjust the direction of the blade.

High-Precision Rod Ends from Emerson Bearing

Rod ends link the ends of precision articulating joints such as steering links, control rods, tie rods, and more. They are an essential component of many machines, particularly those used in automotive, aviation, and other major industries.Rod ends come in a variety of styles. The objective is to choose the most appropriate type for your application. Emerson Bearing provides a variety of rod ends and spherical bushings to meet the needs of various industries and applications. Do you need assistance selecting the best rod end for your specific application? Our experts are available to assist you with the selection process. You can also request a quote or call us for more information at 800.225.4587.


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