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Levels of Precision – How to Get the Most Dimensional Stability from Rolling Bearings

Posted on October 26, 2015

Temperature is extremely important when choosing a bearing. Whether due to friction, electrical current, electromagnetic induction, or an extreme external environment, bearings are often required to perform in high temperature environments.  We’ve provided this quick article to help you understand the essence of what it takes for your bearing to take the heat.

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Levels of Precision –The Best Material for Your Application Environment

Posted on October 13, 2015

The purpose of a rolling bearing is simple, reduce the rolling friction while supporting the applied load. Most rolling bearings are composed by two concentric rings – known as the inner and outer race – separated by a set of evenly spaced elements rolling in between them.

Selecting a bearing requires choosing a series of parameters, including not only the most appropriate type and correct size, but also the right material. In fact, making sure that the material has the appropriate strength and toughness for the design is extremely important for a bearing. 

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Levels of Precision: Choose the Right Bearing to get the Best Life for Your Application...

Posted on September 14, 2015

At Emerson Bearing we are fully dedicated to our customers, and take pride in making outstanding products as well as providing accurate documentation of their performance. Our bearings are engineered and manufactured with the highest levels of precision, and uphold the highest quality standards, however, no bearing lasts forever. So how can you be sure that your bearing will perform well throughout its life?  

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